Is Canva Pro Worth It?

Canva Pro Worth

Are you grappling with the decision to upgrade to Canva Pro? As someone who’s navigated the design landscape, let me share my take – a blend of personal experience and insightful analysis. Canva Pro isn’t just a graphic design tool; it’s a creative powerhouse.

The free version offers a taste, but Pro unleashes a torrent of possibilities. The vast stock photo library alone is a game-changer. From animations to premium templates, it’s a design playground.

In this article, we’ll dissect Canva Pro vs the free plan, exploring features that could redefine your design journey.

Stay tuned for a journey into the heart of Canva, where creativity meets functionality. Because, honestly, Canva Pro is not just an upgrade; it’s a leap into a world where your designs transform from good to extraordinary.

Let’s dive in and discover if Canva Pro is the missing piece in your creative puzzle.

What is Canva?

If you’re new to graphic design, Canva is an intuitive online design tool that makes creating professional graphics a breeze.

As a one-stop shop for all your visual content needs, Canva allows you to design everything from social media posts to flyers, presentations and more, all without needing any design experience.

Through their simple drag-and-drop interface, you can build designs from scratch or customize hundreds of templates across categories like social media, presentations, calendars and logos.

You don’t have to be a skilled designer either – with their extensive libraries of high-quality photos, videos, fonts and design elements at your fingertips, you can express your brand’s style while letting Canva do the heavy creative lifting.

Whether you’re putting together materials for your business or nonprofit, needing images for an online course or want visually appealing social posts, Canva gives you the power and flexibility to bring your ideas to life without limits.

Their user-friendly platform makes graphic design easy and enjoyable for all skill levels.

Canva Free vs. Canva Pro

Ever felt stuck in design purgatory? Want to create awesome visuals but intimidated by fancy software? Hold on, because we’re about to break down the two sides of the Canva coin: Free and Pro. Let’s be honest, free stuff is pretty sweet, and Canva’s free plan is no exception. Think of it like your design starter kit.

As a free user, Canva already offers more design features than most other free tools. You can create basic images and graphics for common uses like social media posts or digital marketing collateral.

The free version lets you build Pinterest graphics, Facebook posts and simple flyers or brochures.

While the free Canva account works great for casual designs or one-off projects, you may start to feel limited if you have regular graphic needs.

Upgrading to Canva Pro unlocks an array of premium features that can seriously step up your design game. With Canva Pro, you get access to a wider selection of professional photo, video, font and graphic options.

A Pro subscription also allows for advanced features like graphic and website templates, brand kit assets, marketing collateral bundles and tools for visual content teams.

You’ll be able to remove watermarks from your creations and have unlimited cloud storage for all your design files too. For ambitious business users or designers, Canva Pro is invaluable.

Canva Free:

  • Basic design features are more than enough for occasional personal projects
  • Free to use with no commitment
  • Easy to get started without budget constraints


  • Limited selection of templates, photos, and design elements
  • Watermarks on exported designs
  • Limited storage for design files
  • Missing advanced features for business needs

Canva Pro:

  • Unlock wide range of premium templates, photos, videos and fonts
  • Advanced features for teams and businesses
  • Remove watermarks and get high-res export
  • Unlimited secure cloud storage for files
  • Excellent value for money for frequent designers


  • Requires monthly/annual subscription costs

Feature Comparison: Canva Pro vs. Free Canva

One of the biggest differences we noticed is access to premium photos and videos. While Canva free includes basic uploads and a decent library, Canva Pro unlocks millions of high-resolution, professional images and video clips perfect for any project.

When it comes to fonts, the free collection is more limited whereas Pro lets you access thousands more stylish options plus the ability for me to upload my own custom fonts.

For organizing work, Canva Pro truly stands out with its fully-featured Brand Kit where I can create stylized brand assets, colors and guides.

Templates are also far more robust in Pro—from social posts to presentations, there are templates for any need.

Storage is another major advantage of Pro—while basic Canva is restricted, unlimited cloud storage with Pro means I never have to worry about deleting old files.

Finally, Pro lets me create an unlimited number of online folders to keep projects well organized.

Personal Insights and Experiences

As a digital marketer, I’ve been creating all sorts of visual content for over two years now. Canva has truly become my go-to tool for bringing designs to life.

Whether I need social posts, blog graphics or websites banners, I always turn to Canva first. At the start, I mostly used Canva free which was great for occasional social media images.

However, as my workload grew, I found myself getting limited by the watermarks and storage restrictions. That’s when I upgraded to Canva Pro which massively improved my workflow.

Now with Canva Pro, I have unlimited options at my fingertips. The selection of premium photos alone saves me hours each month.

I also appreciate how easy Pro makes it to bulk download files without watermarks for client deliverables.

The versatile templates have become my secret weapon for consistent client designs too. Two years later, Canva Pro continues to be a valuable part of my toolkit. It allows me to focus on the creative instead of technical limitations and brings my visions to life effortlessly.

Is Canva Pro Worth It for You?

If you find yourself constantly designing on Canva like I do, you’ve probably started to run into limitations with the free version.

That’s where Canva Pro really shines by removing restrictions so you can take your creativity further.

From my experience using both, some key differences that make Pro worthwhile are the massive library of premium assets, unlimited cloud storage for all your design files and advanced branding features.

Whether you’re creating graphics just for fun or designing as part of your work, I’d recommend taking a look at your regular needs versus what’s offered in Pro.

Do you hit the storage limit often? Find yourself wanting more specialized templates? Then upgrading may be worthwhile.

The best part is Canva lets you try Pro for 30 days free, so you can experience the full benefits risk-free.

Take Pro for a test run on your next project before committing. That way you’ll get a real feel for if it’s a worthy investment to save you valuable time and take your designs up a level.


In conclusion, I hope sharing my own experiences using Canva has helped give you a feel for whether Pro could be a good fit to take your design skills further.

While the free version fits occasional needs nicely, for those who design regularly, I truly believe the Pro features unlock your full potential on the platform.

Not only will you be able to create with fewer limitations holding you back creatively, you’ll also save valuable time with assets and templates at your fingertips. 

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