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Website Essentials (For all small businesses)
$ 1000 Tension free
On-PAGE SEO audit: 8 essential pages
8 Pages On-Page Optimization
10 pages internal linking
Keyword Research
Content Plan
internal linking
Detailed Video Report
Delivery in 14 Days
Local Business Booster (For local service providers)
$ 2000 Stress Free
Local SEO optimization: Google My Business profile enhancement
Entire On Page Optimization
Technical SEO audit and fixing errors
Keyword Rsearch
Content Plan
Optimizing websites for sales and leads
100 citations building
Detailed weekly reports and ongoing support
Delivery in 30 Days
E-commerce Domination (For Growth-Focused Shopify & WordPress Stores)
$ 2500 Stress Free
Comprehensive SEO audit & fixing Errors
Targeted keyword research
10 collection pages/categories Optimization
Store speed optimization
Conversion rate optimization strategies
10 Blog articles
5 guest posts Links
Indexing issue resolution
Detailed weekly reports and ongoing support
Delivery in 30 Days

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With a wealth of experience spanning 3 years, we are your trusted partner in SEO. Our mission is clear: to propel businesses to new heights through organic search. Offering the most affordable packages in Dubai, we bring expertise, dedication, and a proven track record to every project. Join us in the journey of transforming your online presence and growing your business organically

Zero to 1K Clicks: Client Website Explodes with AI Content (3 Months)

Remember that feeling of launching your website and then… silence? No matter how amazing your product or service, if no one sees it, it’s like a tree falling in a forest with no one to hear.

That’s exactly what our client, Khalil experienced. Their website was well-designed, but the organic traffic? Barely a whisper. They needed a strategy that would get them heard, and fast.

Enter our AI-powered content magic. We crafted a targeted content strategy that resonated with their ideal audience, using the latest in AI writing technology to ensure consistency and quality.

Here's what we achieved in just 3 months:

  • 1,000+ organic clicks per month: That’s a 1,000% increase from where they started!
  • 89,000 impressions: Imagine 89,000 potential customers seeing your website. Now that’s visibility!
  • Full website automation: No more manual content creation for our client. They can focus on what they do best while their website continues to grow.

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